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Welcome to the United Blue States of America!

Uniting the Divided

United Blue States of America
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Feeling Blue? Thinking Blue? Voted Blue?

Welcome Home.

This community is a place for people of the Blue States (and people who wish they were) to bridge the gap of the Square States and come together in common respect for sanity and intelligence. We welcome all "Alternate Nation" concepts that are derived from the Blue State - Red State dichotomy.

Your moderators are sdragon and testaclese, who doubles as the Marketing Executive. Direct all concerns, complaints, and secession plans to them.

Community Rules

1. What's On-Topic? Political issues, current events, and activism information are all welcome. Even some random silliness is fine; if it's something you'd find on The Daily Show, it'll probably be happy here.

2. What's Off-Topic? Community promos, non-politically related chain letters/links, parasitic memes, etc.

3. Be civilized. Blue staters are tactful and courteous. It's fine to vent, but remember that we are all in the same boat, so it really won't get you anywhere to be rude. Show respect to fellow members by posting intelligently and checking grammar and spelling.

4. LJ-cut is your friend.

5. No Trolling! (unsure what a troll is? Look it up. Trolls are not appreciated and will be exiled back to the Red States from whence they came. Careless or inflammatory statements with no factual or logical backing may be judged as trolling and will be dealt with appropriately by your mod.

This community arose from the ashes of the 2004 Election when, at thedailyshow, testaclese created our symbol, inspired by "Ohioda" from The Daily Show's Election 2004 special. Since then, it has been animated, captioned, and replicated so much that we needed an asylum for all the people who, mad with grief, cling desperately to the strange blue icon as a symbol of our unity of spirit that spans square states. You are now at that asylum.

"We Didn't Vote For Him!"

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